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IJYI continues to grow at high speed as organisations across the private and public sector partner with us to build their digital, software and data capabilities.

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We are leaders in delivering software that truly meets the needs of every customer - whether it’s the rapid delivery of a minimum viable product, transformative data-led insight or a comprehensive development rollout, the IJYI team are focused on building relationships with clients that transcend technology to deliver better performance and enhanced capabilities.

At IJYI our team are always learning, always communicating, always collaborating, always celebrating. We pride ourselves on looking after, supporting and empowering our innovative team.

The Benefits of Working at IJYI

An insight in team members induction experiences

From application to Day 1, the process was slick, thoughtful and much appreciated. I couldn’t wait to start and I continue to thoroughly enjoy working at IJYI. (Class of 2021)"

Team members shared why they applied for a position at IJYI:

“Working for IJYI seemed like it could open a new world of opportunity that I'd never seen before in Suffolk. The potential for me to add my stamp and further my career seemed like too good an opportunity to let slip by.”

We asked our team what they find most rewarding and enjoyable:

“The people without a doubt are the reason this company works so well.  There is a huge feeling of team first' and it shows, everyone is willing to help each other without question. There are no silos between teams and every single day is a joy to experience."

We also asked, in what way does IJYI support you when dealing with personal or family issues?

“People ask how I'm doing - they care."

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Finally, we asked our team ‘when recommending IJYI to others, what do you say?’

“My colleagues are great. Everyone is friendly, always willing to help, enthusiastic and amazing at their jobs."
“My job is kept interesting by frequently changing projects. It means the work never gets stale and gives me an opportunity to learn lots of new things and keep my skills up to date."

Passion. Collaboration. Discover.

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