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By implementing a robust data strategy and innovative technology, leaders and teams can conquer their data problems and gain valuable data-driven insights to help unlock their business's full potential and gain a competitive edge.

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Make Informed, Confident Business Decisions using the Power of Data-Driven Intelligence

Make Informed, Confident Business Decisions using the Power of Data-Driven Intelligence

IJYI Data Expertise

IJYI have a dedicated Data Practice, comprising of expertise in Data Architecture, Data Engineering, Data Analytics, Business Intelligence Reporting and Data Visualisation experts.

IJYI Data Analytics Platform

In today's data-driven world, businesses are constantly seeking new, innovative ways to harness the potential of their data and gain a competitive edge. That's why IJYI have developed a Data Analytics Platform accelerator for our customers to use.

As data becomes increasingly vital in everyday operations, some businesses face numerous challenges in effectively collecting, analysing, and delivering meaningful insights from their dispersed data sources.

IJYI's Data Analytics Platform accelerator addresses these pain points by providing our customers with a comprehensive range of features designed to ingest and transform their scattered data into actionable intelligence.

By leveraging the capabilities of Microsoft Azure Data Analytics Services and our expertise in-house, our platform presents businesses with user-friendly reports, dashboards, and self-service options which makes their data easy to understand and act on.

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Common Platform Use-Cases

Sales Data: Analyse sales data to identify trends, patterns, and customer preferences, enabling targeted marketing campaigns and sales strategies.

HR Data: Extract HR data for workforce analysis, enabling insights into employee performance, turnover rates, and talent management.

Financial Data: Perform financial analysis to gain insights into revenue, profitability, and cost optimisation.

Customer Relationship Data: Extract and analyse customer data to enhance customer experience, personalise marketing efforts, and identify cross-selling or upselling opportunities.

Supply Chain Data: Analyse supply chain data to improve inventory management, optimise logistics, and reduce costs.

Website Data: Analyse website and app usage data to enhance user experience, optimise conversion rates, and improve customer engagement.

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How the Platform Works

An IJYI Data Engineer will deploy and configure your dedicated Data Analytics Platform hosted in Microsoft Azure, and work with you to integrate it with your relevant data sources.

The platform will securely ingest your data from a wide range of sources, from simple spreadsheets through to complex SQL databases

Various processes are then run using Azure's Data Analytics Services, including Azure AI and Machine Learning services, to clean, transform, and analyse your data.

This data is then used to provide your business users with visual reports and dashboards using Microsoft Power BI, enabling data-driven insights and informed decision-making.

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How We Work

IJYI works collaboratively with our customers to define the scope of their data requirements, address their challenges and embrace new opportunities.

Using Agile methodologies, we adopt a rapid prototyping approach that enables our customers to understand the scope and quality of their datasets and how to focus on deliverable improvement.

IJYI are a Microsoft Partner, ISO9001 Registered, and Cyber Essentials Certified, demonstrating our commitment to excellence and industry best practices.

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