About IJYI

Established in 2014, IJYI has since been dedicated to providing technology services that cater to our customer's needs. We emphasise technical expertise and attentive listening to ensure the delivery of solutions that align with your goals. Our focus is on achieving excellence in all aspects of our work, and we look forward to being your innovative partner in this journey.

We Love Innovation & Collaboration

At IJYI, we are passionate about innovation. Our technical delivery teams thrive on pushing the boundaries of technology - such as our AI/ML tech that we've recently developed which leverages real-time image classification, object detection and object tracking (bees video example).

Through a seamless blend of outstanding technical excellence and an unwavering commitment to understanding our customer's needs, IJYI has become a leader in innovative technology delivery. From IT teams seeking performance, integration, and security to non-technical professionals aiming to bring software-led services to life, our emphasis on communication and empathy bridges the gap between code and possibilities.

We take pride in fostering strong relationships with our customers, making them an integral part of our team. By building trust and adopting a pragmatic, high-impact approach, we deliver innovation through an Agile methodology, with an unwavering focus on flexibility and transparency.

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Our customers rely on IJYI to unlock the full potential of technology, thereby enhancing their business capability. Embrace the power of innovation with IJYI, where creativity knows no bounds.

IJYI are a Microsoft Partner, ISO9001 Registered, and Cyber Essentials Certified, demonstrating our commitment to excellence and industry best practices.

“IJYI made us feel part of the team during the development process. This level of transparency and collaboration was incredibly powerful and contributed to the success of the project.

The planning and execution of the development plan ran like clockwork. It was a masterclass in how to run Agile.”

Gareth Morris, Technical Lead, Suffolk County Council

The IJYI Mission

IJYI's mission is to empower businesses to enhance their processes and achieve their goals through innovative technology

We Have No Hidden Agendas

We believe you should have complete visibility of your project. If something is not going to plan, or if we can see a challenge arising, we will raise it. This approach ensures we can work together to address any challenges that we face and determine a plan to fix it. Our approach leads to developing better solutions and building a stronger partnership.

We Inspire Change

At IJYI we don’t just embrace change and roll with the punches we encourage it, we ask “why not?” rather than “why?”, we go looking for opportunities to make a change to what we and our customers are doing. When applying this approach to software delivery you end up with a team and a customer that is solely focussed on business value.

We Master Our Trade

We ensure that the team on each project has the skills and experience to meet your needs. As Microsoft Gold Partners for application development and DevOps, we apply our industry leading capabilities to develop, deploy and support your solutions with repeatable, reliable and resilient processes. We love tech as much as the next software firm, but we understand tech for what it is. It’s a tool to allow our customers to achieve their business goals.

We Believe in Inclusive Teamwork

We believe that diversity in backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives is a powerful asset that enriches our team and enhances our ability to deliver exceptional solutions to our clients. We recognise that each individual has unique strengths and contributions to make, and we are committed to creating a supportive and inclusive environment where everyone can feel valued, respected, and empowered to bring their best selves to work.