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Our in-house developed products are at the core of our commitment to accelerating our services. Discover how these bespoke tools and platforms, when paired with our services, enable us to deliver faster and richer results to empower our customers with a competitive edge through technology and innovation.

The Power of Our Innovations

Vision AI Platform - Preview

Providing object and motion analysis - Across real-time video feeds, video recordings, or images.  IJYI's Vision AI Platform can identify, track, and inform, thereby enhancing security and operational efficiency through advanced AI technology.

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Continuous Technical Improvement (CTI) Assessment Framework

Maximise your systems potential - IJYI's CTI Assessment is a comprehensive framework designed to help us improve the quality, business value and level of risk of your systems by assessing their cost efficiency, security & compliance, reliability, performance efficiency and operational excellence against an industry benchmark...

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Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Assessment Platform

Empowering security confidence - IJYI's bespoke penetration testing & vulnerability assessment platform is designed to help us assess the security of your business's systems, networks & applications. By using it to scan and ethically hack your technology, we can identify business risks and provide you with actionable recommendations on how to mitigate them and enhance your security posture...

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Data Analytics Platform Accelerator

Transform your data into actionable insights - IJYI's Data Analytics Platform accelerator empowers businesses to gain valuable insights from their dispersed data sources and transform them into actionable intelligence. It can centralise and transform your data, visualise it in a user-friendly manner for your business users, and help you make informed decisions to drive your business forward...

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Project Inception Workshop Framework

Kickstart your next Software or Data Project - IJYI's Inception Workshop framework is designed to help your Software Development or Data Analytics project to be a success. The primary objective of our Inception Workshop framework is to bring clarity to your project's vision. It will help you align stakeholders, eliminate assumptions, and establish a solid foundation for your project's journey...

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