DevOps Consultancy

IJYI were engaged alongside our delivery partner Unboxed Consulting and helped take a struggling project through to delivery in just six weeks.

DevOps Consultancy

The Client

Despite the promises and investment of the previous 10 years the client had failed to deliver the new systems that their customers were seeking. The average turnaround for I.T. projects within the organisation was a year and a half.

This program was to transform the capabilities of a specific business unit within the organisation.

The Technology

Continuous Integration, Automated Build and Release Management: Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services

Front End: Angular JS, Optional Excel Add-in

Back End: Web API, SQL Server.

Hosting: AWS

"From inception it was clear that to truly deliver value, the outputs from this development should be available to client’s as soon as possible. To this end the team engaged with the clients internal infrastructure team before a single line of code was written." 

The Approach

The purpose of this engagement was clear: what was required to take a system live.

  • Before sprint one commenced (within 2 weeks) both a continuous integration and quality assurance environment were available. These environments could be re-created at the press of a button.
  • Before the first story was ready for sign off by the product owner a User Acceptance environment was ready.
Automate Everything

A key decision was made at the start of the programme to, where possible, automate everything. Code build, quality verification, deployment and regression tests were applied to the system from the outset.

We applied our internal delivery processes to the client’s systems. resulting in the application being able to traverse from code complete through all verification and environments within minutes rather than days.

Consistent deployment; any platform

We allowed the choice of hosting and deployment technology to evolve along with the technology choice for the project at the last responsible moments.

Throughout the journey of the programme, some decisions around technology choice and hosting platform were handed down from the corporate governance structures.

The Delivery mechanism was able to continue to co-ordinate the delivery across Azure, AWS and internal system hosting on VM Ware.

Value delivered, fast

From initial inception workshop to the first delivery that the Product Owner wanted to release to customers was 6 weeks.

Even this stage, though, was a calm affair: by this stage there were at least 150 deployments (5 deployments day x 5 days x 6 weeks) completed, each adhering to the same QA standards.

Ready to start delivering something amazing?

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