Video interview with Gareth Morris, Senior Technical Lead at Suffolk County Council, discussing IJYI's Software Development and Support Services.

Suffolk County Council (SCC) is responsible for major services countywide including: Education, Environment, Leisure and Culture, Public Safety, Social Care, Trading Standards, Transport and Registrars. After several successful projects, IJYI interviewed Gareth, SCC's Snr Tecnical Lead, to get his view on working with IJYI, and how our software development and support services met their requirements.

What made you choose IJYI to work on this project?

Can you tell us what it was like to work with IJYI?

If someone asked if they should do business with IJYI, what would you say?

“We’re so happy with the outcome of the project with IJYI.

Over 10 years of psychologically informed research and practice has informed the content of the AANT in order to ultimately improve the outcomes for children and young people across Suffolk and beyond.

We came to IJYI with a vision of what we wanted and needed their expertise in order to implement our next steps. The initial Inception Workshop helped us to shape the project and gave us a clear direction, working with us all the way through to implementation. The approach has been fast paced, collaborative and expertly delivered in order to meet our requirements.

IJYI have utilised technology to provide us with a solution which gives Educational Psychologists an effective way of gathering information and delivering effective virtual consultation”

Claire Darwin Psychology and Therapeutic Service Lead Suffolk County Council

How does the IJYI support service work for you?

Is it easy to raise a support ticket?

Ready to start delivering something amazing?

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