Welcome Aboard, Ciaran Kelly – IJYI’s Newest Software Support Engineer

It is with great pleasure that we welcome yet another addition to the talented IJYI team in the form of Ciaran Kelly, who joins us as our new Software Support Engineer.

Ciaran's journey into the world of technology began at a young age when he got his first PC. Not afraid to get his hands dirty, he broke his first two PCs while discovering how they work, sparking a lifelong passion for tech. His love for computers led him to a college course, setting him on a path that has seen him spend the last decade working in the tech industry.

His professional journey has been interesting and diverse, beginning with a five-year stint in a support role for a telephony company, followed by experiences in both plant hire and construction companies.

Playing a key role at IJYI

Ciaran's decision to join IJYI was strongly influenced by our unique company culture. Having previously worked with his current line manager, he was drawn to the welcoming and supportive atmosphere of the team. In Ciaran's own words, IJYI has a unique culture where "people genuinely care about you", a sentiment that resonated with him and made him feel at home within his first week with us.

As a Software Support Engineer, Ciaran is responsible for handling the initial reports of any issues with our client's services. He acts as the first line of support, investigating and addressing any technical concerns. Beyond that, he is eager to develop his coding skills and knowledge, looking forward to the progression opportunities that lie ahead.

Careers at IJYI

We're always looking for new, passionate people to join our team. If you're interested in starting a job with IJYI visit our careers page or contact us to speak to one of our friendly team members.

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