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IJYI's collaborative approach to software delivery empowers clients with a shared emphasis on the delivery of software solutions that reflect their needs. 

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Bespoke software development that delivers

At IJYI, we work closely with our clients to transform business effectiveness with innovative, high quality software that delivers on their requirements. While many organisations face large-scale project management challenges which can lead to damaging overspend and missed delivery deadlines, our approach dramatically improves the way software projects are managed and implemented.

Our in-house team brings unrivalled development, collaboration and communications skills to ensure projects arrive on-time and on-budget. And because we recognise the importance and value of building strong relationships between our teams and clients, we focus on engaging with every stakeholder to optimise the project development and management process.

While most software developers treat clients as spectators, at IJYI, they are part of the team, and our approach empowers them with a shared emphasis on the delivery of software solutions that reflect their needs. 

We were particularly impressed by the ease of communication and on-going interaction throughout the project and their willingness to go above and beyond when required. We are delighted to continue to work closely with the IJYI team as we add further capabilities to our vessels.”

Ashley Skett, Director of Operations, Sea-Kit
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Focusing on software delivery success

Our iterative agile development approach means complex development requirements can be effectively managed and changed as necessary, allowing clients to prioritise features according to need. This allows them to split requirements into smaller releases, with the flexibility to easily manage and change priorities and features.

Whether the solution needs to be built in the cloud or on premises, our skills and experience to architect, design and build bespoke solutions not only reduces time to deployment, but also ensures clients receive optimal return on investment.

The IJYI team of Developers, Quality Analysts, Project Managers, Architects, Trainers and DevOps Consultants ensures that we have the capability to take your next project from idea right through to deployment, operation and support. Our talented team builds innovative software solutions for .NET, C#, VB, Java, SQL, iOS and Android.

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