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Kick-start your next project with one of IJYI's collaborative workshops. Our expert facilitators will guide you through a tailored process to unlock innovative ideas and set the foundation for a successful journey.

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Kick-start your Next Project with a Collaborative Workshop

Kick-start your Next Project with a Collaborative Workshop

Inception Workshop Purpose

The IJYI Inception Workshop is the starting point for bringing transformational IT ideas to life. In planning a technology project, many organisations struggle to define the initial scoping, resourcing and cost estimates required to secure sign-off from key stakeholders. Joining an Inception Workshop helps you put the foundations of the project in place so you can gain internal support, and in many cases, provides the key information needed to commence a procurement exercise with confidence.

Inception Workshop Benefits

Inception Workshops are commonly used at the start of complex software projects that rely on multiple stakeholders. Their primary objective is to achieve consensus of what the project is hoping to achieve – a collective understanding, not necessarily a collective agreement. This includes exploring risks, removing assumptions and ensuring all viewpoints are understood.

The output is a clear appreciation of the requirements, size, scope, constraints, and risks such that a defined path to delivery can be put in place.



Being part of the IJYI Inception Workshop was a really positive experience. The team were open and accommodating throughout. The 2 day workshop was extremely well orchestrated and left us with a clear roadmap for our project. I would recommend an IJYI Inception Workshop to anyone wanting to kick-off a new project.”

Gareth Morris, Senior Technical Lead, Suffolk County Council


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